Sharpless Catalog

Stewart Sharpless (March 29, 1926 - January 19, 2013) was an astronomer who provided fundamental knowledge on the structure of our galaxy by measuring distances to "H II" (pronounced 'H - two') regions throught the Milky Way. H II regions are emission nebula, large clouds of gas that glow red from ionized hydrogen (H I is neutral hydrogen and does not emit light). New stars form from these clouds. Eventually Sharpless compiled a catalog of 313 of these objects. A few of them are actually reflection nebula, containing large amounts of dust and gas, and appear more blue from the light of nearby stars reflecting off the dust. Of the 313 objects in the Sharpless Catalog, here are the ones I have imaged so far. Click any thumbnail or the Enlarge button to see the full-size image and a description of the object. Place the mouse cursor over any words highlighted in green for more information. For mobile device users, all the highlighted terms are listed under the Glossary tab. To see all the nebulae I've imaged, click the Nebulae tab above.

Sharpless 2-25
Sharpless 2-30
Sharpless 2-45
Sharpless 2-49
Sharpless 2-101
Sharpless 2-103
Sharpless 2-104
Sharpless 2-105
Sharpless 2-105
Sharpless 2-111
Sharpless 2-112
Sharpless 2-117
Sharpless 2-124
Sharpless 2-124
Sharpless 2-125
Sharpless 2-129
Sharpless 2-131
Sharpless 2-142
Sharpless 2-155
Sharpless 2-157
Sharpless 2-162
Sharpless 2-171
Sharpless 2-173
Sharpless 2-173
Sharpless 2-184
Sharpless 2-185
Sharpless 2-187
Sharpless 2-188
Sharpless 2-190
Sharpless 2-199
Sharpless 2-206 (NGC 1491)
Sharpless 2-220
Sharpless 2-229
Sharpless 2-240
Sharpless 2-244
Sharpless 2-244
Sharpless 2-248
Sharpless 2-248, 249
Sharpless 2-273
Sharpless 2-273 (Abell 21, Medusa Nebula)
Sharpless 2-275
Sharpless 277 (Horsehead Nebula)
Sharpless 2-279
Sharpless 2-281
Sharpless 2-298